Our veteran ranch team members partner with 
 counselors who have extensive experience in trauma therapies.
They provide our participants with alternative routes to recovery from the unseen wounds of war.  
Accelerated Resolution Therapy - ART
ART is an emerging form of psychotherapy that works directly to reprogram
the way distressing memories are stored in the brain so they no longer trigger strong
reactions. Benefits can be experienced after the first session.
To learn more about this amazing therapy for PTSD
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Natural Lifemanship
Natural Lifemanship strongly contends that riding has powerful therapeutic
benefits that cannot be obtained by other means. 
 EAGALA Military Services

With a military culture that values hands-on action and doing, EAGALA Model

equine-assisted psychotherapy often works where other traditional methods of treatment fail.

Action-oriented, the EAGALA Model helps military clients understand and recognize patterns.

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Parelli and Horse Behavior 

Behavioral psychology can transform your horse through natural horsemanship.