Our Partners
We believe in  never ending self-improvement. Our team of experienced mentors partner with 
 counselors who have extensive experience in trauma therapies. They provide our clients with alternative routes to recovery from the unseen wounds of war.  
Accelerated Resolution Therapy - ART
ART is an emerging form of psychotherapy that works directly to reprogram the way distressing memories are stored in the brain so they no longer trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. Benefits can be experienced after the first session. To learn more about this amazing therapy for PTSD, depression and substance abuse click below...
Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship
Natural Lifemanship strongly contends that riding has powerful therapeutic benefits that cannot be obtained by other means and is contraindicated only when it is not done in a connecting and mutually beneficial way. In Natural Lifemanship there are two major components of TF-EAP – Relationship Logic and Rhythmic Riding.  Relationship Logic takes place on the ground and Rhythmic Riding takes place on the horse’s back.  Whether mounted or on the ground the connected relationship is the goal.  This is the most important aspect of why riding a living, breathing horse is more valuable than using a tool – connection between horse and rider can make all the difference.
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Learning  - EAGALA Military Services

With a military culture that values hands-on action and doing, EAGALA Model equine-assisted psychotherapy often works where other traditional methods of treatment fail. Decidedly action-oriented, the EAGALA Model helps military clients understand and recognize patterns, build on their personal strengths, and translate emotional insights into life-changing action.

Parelli Liberty and Horse Behavior 

Behavioral psychology can transform your horse through natural horsemanship. 80% of horse lovers give up due to fear, frustration, and failure. Don’t give up. There’s a secret to training horses that YOU need to know. “Train your own horse?” That’s right! Just like parenting, no matter what your specialty or discipline is, your horse’s good behavior is up to you.

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