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Help Sanctuaried Horses 


We provide sanctuary to horses and support veterans and kids while they mutually heal from injuries, both visible and invisible. It is the least we can do as a society to care for them. 

Are you are interested in sponsoring or fostering and unwanted horse? We have many wonderful horses waiting for their own person again, please call or submit  an application.

Our number one goal is matching the horse to the horse helping fosterer.  We want to help ensure that the fosterer is choosing a horse that is suitable for his/her knowledge level.  Fostering the "wrong" horse can lead to disillusionment, unhappiness, and fear. 

We make a commitment to each and every horse that comes to our ranch that their end of life will be met with kindness, compassion and comfort. 

If you foster a horse from Waypoint Ranch, you can never sell, trade or give it away. If for any reason you cannot keep the horse to the end of its natural life, please call us. We will step in a support horse and fosterer to the best of our ability. 
We partner with GERL - Georgia Equine Rescue League and thank them for their commitment to this effort. 

We are proudly supported by Purina, A Home For Every Horse, The United Horse Coalition and Seminole Wellness Feed.

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