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Veteran's Community Food Project 

This Project is more than just food; it provides an important mission for veterans:

growing and sharing nutrient dense food 

Thanks to the Community Foundation of West Georgia's new Innovation Grant, we created a nursery for the community providing fruit, nuts, vegetables and landscape plants. We also grow nutritious speciality greens through hydroponics.


Why veterans?

Veterans returning home often find it difficult to readjust to civilian life after service and the very thing they fought for, peace at home, falls apart.

Veterans from rural communities are at a disadvantage due to limited options and most providers lack awareness of military culture. 

Current VA options for treatment are often ineffective and not timely. 

Our program is run by veterans and are action oriented and trauma focused. 

Green Vegetables

Why greens?

"Green care" is a term we use to talk about care farming, animal-assisted therapy, therapeutic horticulture... 

Green care is an intervention: it's an active process by which our veterans reconnect with nature. 

Growing greens also enhances human health and well-being. 

Nurturing plants has an immediate calming and therapeutic effect on humans . 

Green Vegetables
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