In communities across America, military families are struggling to recover from service related injuries and create new lives.


With the aid of our diverse, powerful and patriotic community,

veterans and their families will halt the multi-generational impacts of war. 


At Waypoint Ranch, we help families create Peace at Home and break the cycle of multi-generational trauma so they can lead happier, healthier lives for generations to come.


Create a working ranch where veterans and animals can work together, build a team of dedicated professionals, gather a herd of diverse horses, grow community awareness and relationships, begin capital campaign to build lodging for veterans.  Serve 100 veteran families in the first 5 years.


To date we have served over 75 families with functional therapies and purposeful work.

"the horse allowed me to focus on something outside of my own mind, It was a great experience, a mind release, a spiritual healing...I slept great last night"

- an Army veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq

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